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Timetable of Classes

Below you can see the regular weekly classes that are currently in progress.  Try not to eat an hour before class, and drink water half an hour before.  It is not good to drink during yoga class.  Wear loose and comfortable clothing and bring a mat if you have one, or contact Chris to borrow a mat.

If you require a private class or would like to set up a class in your area contact Chris directly on 07944  662886

Sivananda Hatha

Sivananda was a Holy Man living in India.  He had many Indian devotees and students one of whom was Swami Vishnudevananda.  

Swami Vishudevananda was given the job of promoting the physical element of yoga and in order to do that he set up teacher training courses in 1969.  

It was the first teacher training for yoga teachers, and many of the early classes that people did in the seventies were Sivananda bases yoga.  


Chris currently teachers a one hour gym class in Newark at the local sports centre.

The class combines elements of Sivananda Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vipassana meditation.  It has been well received.


Chris was awarded authorization to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa system by Sharath Jois in March 2016.  

Ashtanga is a breath based system, where the breaths are counted, and the breathing and movement co-ordinated it is a more cardiovascular style of yoga, and opens up the body through heat and sweat.  

Chris was teaching traditional morning Mysore sessions in Newark, but currently is only teaching one half primary class in Newark.

If you are interested in Morning practice do contact Chris with your requirements.  If there are enough local people a new morning group could be formed.


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